Deification of PM Deuba invites mockery on social media

Deuba’s immediate predecessor, K P Sharma Oli, also used to be exalted by his cadres and supporters for every act and decision he made

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Kathmandu: Short videos that praise Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba are making rounds among Nepalis on social media. They have become the subject of mockery and criticism against PM Deuba as well. The videos circulated by the Twitter handle that goes by the name of Sher Bahadur Deuba—which calls itself a fan account of Deuba in its bio—present testimonials of Deuba supporters who praise him in the highest possible terms and project him as a statesman like no other in the country’s history.

In one such video, Tirtha Sahi from Dadeldhura portrays Deuba as a great man. “Sher Bahadur Deuba is a great man, a  historic man of Nepal,” says Sahi. “He is the second great man in Nepali Congress after BP.” 

“In Jhapa convention BP had said Sher Bahadur Deuba is a prince without a crown.  He has done a lot for the development of Sudur Paschim. He has done a lot in the field of education, health, drinking water, electricity,” Sahi goes on. “Not only Sudur Paschim, he is concerned and worried about the development of the whole country. In Kathmandu, Melamchi drinking water started during his tenure.”

In another such video, a woman named Baby Rajbhandari describes PM Deuba in equally rosy terms.

“He is the one who has raised various issues related to women,” she says. “He formed the Dalit Commission. Thirty-three percent women’s representation became possible during his leadership. Women have become empowered because of him.”

While there are only 22 followers of this handle, people are making fun of its deification of Deuba.

“Is it a fan account or an account to ruin Sher Bahadur!” tweeted writer and publisher Ajit Baral.

Deuba’s immediate predecessor, K P Sharma Oli, used to be exalted by his cadres and supporters for every act and decision he made. At one time, Oli’s portraits would be found hung on the electric poles in Kathmandu’s main streets, where he was presented as the statesman of the country. Oli continues to receive such exaggerated praises from his supporters on social media platforms even though he is out of power. They describe him as ‘Raj Neta’ and ‘Baa’.

Prashant Aryal, editor-in-chief at Kantipur TV, expresses his disappointment at the flattery and deification of the current PM by his followers.

“The hunger to build a good impression through social media has already destroyed one and now another one is also following the same path,” Aryal tweets. “Do your job properly then your good image will automatically build.”

Many others have criticized the account in question.

“Nonsense! KP Oli’s misfortune started from similar acts,” commented blogger Sanjeev Pokharel.

“Prince without crown, greatest leader after BP, the video made by secretariat for their statesman, Raj Neta, must have sent many Congress supporters laughing thinking they should not have gone that far,” Amirt TheBackBencher tweets.

While PM Deuba is being showered with praises by his ‘fans,’ it should be noted that, 20 days after being appointed the PM of the country, PM Deuba has already been criticized for failing to appoint a health minister.

He has failed to give full shape to the cabinet and he has already been alleged of keeping himself surrounded by various interest groups rather than listening to the committed and devoted party leaders and cadres and addressing the pressing needs of the people.