No date-expired vaccines administered, clarifies Health Ministry

Ministry of Hea

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Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population on Friday clarified that the government had not administered date-expired vaccines against Covid-19.

Issuing a notice, the Ministry said its attention was drawn to the spread of rumor noting that the date-expired vaccines were being inoculated against the coronavirus infection. It further made a clarification that such ill-practice would not be allowed.

Also, the Ministry has urged one and all to receive the vaccination in a confident manner and not to be swayed by the false claims.

Nepal has so far administered different vaccines such as Covishield, Vero Cell, Janssen and Janssen and AstraZeneca. “The Ministry is cautious of the date of the vaccines against coronavirus and also assures the entire citizens of administration of all the vaccines before the date expires”, stated the notice.

As of now, 5,063,522 people have received the first dose of the vaccines while 4,052,765 have been inoculated with full doses in Nepal.