MCC Vice President Sumar ‘encouraged by support received to compact’

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Vice President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Fatema Z. Sumar has said that she is encouraged by the support the compact has received.

Responding before wrapping up her four-day Nepal visit, Sumar said her team was able to clarify questions and address misconceptions about the US assistance.

“I am encouraged by the support the compact received throughout my trip in so many of our conversations. Through open and honest dialogue, we were able to clarify questions and address misconceptions, particularly those stemming from a deliberate misinformation campaign,” US Embassy in Kathmandu said in a statement quoting Sumar.

She added that she looks forward to the Government of Nepal taking the next step to ratify the compact so we can strengthen Nepal’s economy for years to come.

During stay in Nepal, Sumar and Jonathan Brooks, MCC’s Deputy Vice President for Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America, met with community, business, and political leaders to discuss the economic opportunities provided by the compact and offer any needed clarifications, the Embassy stated.