With House meeting postponed until Monday, government expenses halted for a few days

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The government has failed to get the replacement budget bill endorsed through the Parliament following obstruction from the main opposition CPN-UML. With the failure, the government is now not authorized to spend from the state coffers until the bill gets endorsed by the Parliament

The ordinance that was brought by the government on July 18 will get defunct on Wednesday as it will not be endorsed within 60 days it was authenticated. As per Article 114 of the Constitution, the ordinance should be endorsed by the Parliament within 60 days after it is presented by the government.

After the Parliament got adjourned until Monday, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma said the government expenditure will get affected for the next five-seven days. “If we reach an agreement with the agitating main opposition, the replacement bill shall be endorsed by the Parliament. If we fail to reach a conclusion, we will continue the regular proceedings,” Sharma told journalists.

The government, however, will have no obstruction to collect taxes, he said.