Writ petition filed at SC demanding to annul oath by Foreign Minister

NL Today

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Kathmandu: A writ petition has been at the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday demanding to annul the oath taken by Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka.

Advocated Bishal Neupane moved the apex court demanding to revoke the oath arguing it to be unconstitutional. The writ petition was presented before the court on Monday and a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday.

It is argued in the writ that Foreign Minister Khadka did not abide by the provision in Article 80 of the Constitution that mentions the oath should be taken as per the Federal law prior to assuming office.

The writ has demanded the Supreme Court issue an interim order not to let him work him in capacity of a foreign minister. In the writ petition, it is demanded that an interim order should be issued not to allow anyone to take an oath as a minister without making federal law as per Article 80 of the Constitution of Nepal.