Nikisha Khadka: “Self-love is the foundation of happiness and contentment”

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Kathmandu: Sixteen-year-old Nikisha Khadka, a native of Lalitpur, is the winner of Mr and Miss Nepal SEE 2021. Khadka aims to become a doctor and bag the crown of Miss Nepal. She is interested in dancing, reading, and traveling.

“Being able to ease the pain of people and provide a comfortable life to them is the biggest ambition of my life,” says Khadka. She is inspired by the motto “Whatever the mind of humans can believe and conceive, it can be achieved.” Nepal Live Today recently caught up with Khadka for a quick tete-a-tete.

What inspired you to participate in a beauty pageant?

I thought about taking part in a beauty pageant when I was in class seven. When I heard about the impact that a beauty pageant can make I was intrigued. I came to know about the opportunities that we can get and the things that we can learn from beauty pageants from my cousins and friends. I also discovered that pageants help in building confidence, personality, communication skills, and leadership skills. I want to explore my inner self and know my abilities, values, priorities, and capacities, and beauty pageants are one of the greatest platforms for that. These are the things that inspired me to take part in a beauty pageant.

As a crown holder, how do you think you can contribute to society?

I am someone who believes in setting realistic goals and then giving my efforts and achieving them. I think it’s simply not possible to change society single-handedly. But let’s look at what is actually possible. As a crown holder, I have become a recognized person of my society and my juniors are looking up to me as an inspiration, so I guide them with all the knowledge I have. I am able to instill my kindness on them and nurture their hopes. Moreover, a news platform like this has given me the opportunity to vocalize the evils of society. Although I might not be able to eradicate all the social evils, I can voice my opinions and make many people aware.

Why are beauty pageants necessary for youngsters?

In my opinion, every youngster should participate in beauty pageants at least once. For those youngsters who want to pursue their dreams in the field of modeling and acting, beauty pageants are a gateway platform. But we have a misconception in society that beauty pageants are totally related only to modeling which is not true. Beauty pageants are equally important to all youngsters regardless of their dream. Beauty pageants groom you up in the things that are required in daily life such as confidence, communication, leadership, discipline, and others. It enables youngsters to explore themselves and know their abilities, values and capacity. Youngsters are the pillar of the nation and beauty pageants play a vital role to produce competent, productive and creative youth for the nation.

Your definition of love?

Usually, the bond or the union of two people is regarded as love, but love has many forms. The most important and surprisingly most ignored form of love is self-love. Self-love is the foundation of happiness and contentment. It paves the way for positivity. It enables us to believe in ourselves and turn our dreams into reality. Thus we must love and nurture ourselves first.