Pramisha Sejwal: “Perfection is the ability to convert flaws into strength”

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Kathmandu: Pramisha Sejwal, 16, a native of Birendranagar, is a runner-up of Miss Nepal SEE 2021. She is also the winner of a Speech Competition organized by the Education Development Centre. Sejwal aspires to become a lawyer. Sejwal loves watching sports and spending time on social media. Sejwal talks about beauty pageants, society and perfection in the following interview.

In what ways do beauty contests help someone?

Beauty pageants are a gateway to your career. When you participate in the contest, your passion will turn into your vision. It changes the way you see things. For me, being able to communicate and interact with the masses are the two major takeaways from the beauty pageant. It also helps one in exploring new views and ideas.

How would you implement the benefits you acquired from the beauty contest for the betterment of society? 

We live in a world where people are judged and bullied based on their outer looks and outfits. This is the worst thing that any human can do. I would use this platform to make everybody aware that every human being is worthy of respect and they shouldn’t be judged and bullied based on their appearance. Similarly, now as I have been well-known among a small number of people, I would use my earned fame for the welfare of children and girls. They should be protected physically as well as mentally.

What is your message for those aspiring to participate in beauty pageants?

I would like to say that if you choose to follow your passion then success will follow. You are worthy of everything and beauty pageants help you to uplift your personality. Be confident and follow your dreams.

How do you define ‘perfection’?

I believe the toughest thing in this world is to remain positive in every circumstance. If you can create a positive outlook even during hard times then that’s perfection. Another example of perfection is the ability to convert flaws into strength.