Oppo joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Board of Directors

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Global tech brand Oppo and the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) have announced that Oppo will take up a position on the Alliance’s Board of Directors with immediate effect.

As part of its new role, Oppo will become a core member of the Alliance, where it will take a leading role in the development of industry-unifying Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol, Matter, and will lead the promotion of the protocol in China.

Developed and maintained by the CSA, Matter is the foundation for connected things, offering a simplified user experience for connecting different IoT devices.

As a member of the CSA’s Board, Oppo will make significant contributions to the Matter Working Group to create a highly compatible IoT ecosystem, boosting the development of the Alliance’s protocol together with partners through the proposal of new protocols, setting of new standards, and the development of new prototype products based on Matter.

Oppo will adopt the Alliance’s technologies into its own IoT ecosystem and products and will work on promoting the CSA in China and beyond to help further transform the future of connectivity. Oppo will also expand its cooperation with other CSA members to deliver reliable, secure and seamless multi-scenario convergent IoT experiences to users.