Shreha Shrestha: “Good intentions with a good heart make a person beautiful”

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Kathmandu: Shreha Shrestha, 17, is a native of Dharan. She is a title holder of Miss Teen International Nepal 2020 and International Teen of the Year 2020. Similarly, she is also the first runner-up of Mr & Miss SEE 2020. Recently, Shrestha has begun mentoring and choreographing the participants of beauty pageants and she is also a nascent emcee.

“I live with a mentality of living everyday as if it’s the last day,” said Shrestha.

Recently, Shrestha talked with Nepal Live Today about different areas of beauty pageants and a quality that makes a person beautiful.

How did your life change after bagging the crown in a beauty pageant?

Winning the title in a beauty pageant hasn’t made a drastic change in my life but to some extent, it has upgraded me with a stronger voice. Now I feel more responsible towards society. The admiration and love from the people are the most beautiful memories and moments I cherish every time.

What made you want to participate in the beauty pageant?

My passion and a desperate aim to reach Miss World and perform well over there inspired me to participate in the beauty pageant. 

Currently, you also mentor the contestants of beauty pageants. Could you tell what kind of lesson you provide to them? Also, let us know how those lessons contribute to the welfare of society?

Besides providing training on the catwalk, dining etiquette, and other gestures, we also focus on contestants’ discipline and teach them about leadership quality. So on, our training also includes the lessons on building public relations, being humble, appreciating others and many more. Such training helps to build a responsible citizen.

Many people believe that beauty pageants promote stereotypes. What is your take on this?

Things are changing gradually. Currently, there are so many pageants that have no criteria for height and weight. This indicates that beauty pageants respect everyone and consider everyone beautiful. 

What makes a person beautiful?

Good intentions with a good heart make a person beautiful.