Nepali peacekeeping troop leaves for South Sudan

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The first batch of the eighth contingent of Chandannath Battalion led by Lieutenant Colonel Saroj Rana has left for South Sudan on a peacekeeping mission on Tuesday night.

The troop left for the peacekeeping operations in South Sudan at the request of the United Nations. According to the Nepali Army’s Directorate of Public Relations and Information, the 216-member team boarded a chartered flight to reach their duty station.

This team will replace the Gorakh Bahadur Battalion currently serving in the Republic of South Sudan. Nepal has been contributing to peacekeeping in various warring and war-torn countries through various peacekeeping missions of the United Nations.

There are currently 5,229 Nepali peacekeepers including 200 females serving in 12 missions across the world. Nepal, which is the second-largest troops-contributing country in the United Nations Peacekeeping missions, has experience of mobilizing Nepali peacekeepers in 43 peacekeeping missions in the world so far.

To continue with the peacekeeping missions, the Nepali Army has been observing all necessary health safety measures against Covid-19 while deploying peacekeepers.