Nepal’s historical monuments Dharahara and Rani Pokhari illuminated with blue light to mark International Children’s Day [With Photos]

This year's theme of the International Children's Day is to help children recover from interruptions and learning losses experienced through the pandemic in the last two years.

Dharahara and Rani Pokhari on Saturday evening were illuminated to celebrate the International Children's Day. Photo: Nepal Live Today

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Kathmandu: The World Children’s Day is observed every year to commemorate the day of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the United Nations General Assembly on the same day in 1959.

Every year, the day is celebrated globally to promote the rights of children, and to raise awareness among children to improve their welfare.

In Nepal too, the day is celebrated organizing various programs to raise awareness among children, and to promote their rights.

The World Children’s Day, this year, comes at a time when the pandemic and the climate change have had an impact children and young people.

On the occasion, the Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, the European Union, and UNICEF, collaborated to light up Dharahara and Rani Pokhari.

Here are some of the photos of Dharahara and Rani Pokhari taken on Saturday evening: