Former NPC Vice-chair Govind Pokharel to vie for Nepali Congress central membership

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Dr Govind Raj Pokharel, who in the past served as the vice-chair of the National Planning Commission (NPC) and the professor at Tribhuvan University, has announced to contest for the post of central committee membership in the General Convention of Nepali Congress which is starting in Kathmandu from Friday this week.

Pokharel has advanced three reasons for filing the candidacy for the post. He says that he wants to lead the development, ideological debate in the post-Covid situation. “I want to represent sovereign Nepal in the international forum. That’s the second reason,” he said.

According to him, reforms in democratic system and political system within Nepali Congress are his other agendas apart from ensuring meaningful inclusion and cultural coexistence. Pokharel is for creating job opportunities for Nepalis inside the country.

“Policy reforms within Nepali Congress is a major agenda,” he said.