Vianet launches 175 Mbps internet with TV at Rs 1,250 per month

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Vianet has launched an Ultra-Fi line of products – Internet plans that promise to give its users the highest Internet speeds at the lowest prices.

Under Ultra-fi, Vianet has launched three plans – 125 Mbps, 175 Mbps and 250 Mbps, respectively. The highlight of the series is the 175 Mbps internet pack which comes with up to 2 ViaTV subscriptions and is priced at only Rs 1,250 per month on annual subscription. Along with this, Vianet is also offering free Internet installation, free first set-top-box and Rs 1,000 reward points on all of the packages.

Through a partnership with global companies like Nokia, Juniper, Cisco, Ciena and now C-Data, Vianet has upgraded its infrastructure to support the new bandwidth and is now providing Dual Band ONUs – Optical Network Unit, Vianet said in a statement.

According to Vianet, the ONUs provided are Mesh capable and the company looks forward to introducing affordable Mesh Wi-Fi solutions for their customers very soon.