Ria Money Transfer to offer remittance services from 160 countries and territories to Khalti Digital Wallet

Nepalis around the world can now send money to loved ones in Nepal from Ria Money Transfer directly to the Khalti Digital Wallet through City Express.

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Kathmandu: City Express Money Transfer and Ria Money Transfer have partnered together to allow Nepali migrants living abroad the ability to send money to loved ones in Nepal from Ria to the Khalti Digital Wallet via City Express Money Transfer.

Ria is a global leader in cross-border payments with the second largest network in the world with 500k+ locations in over 160 countries and territories.

With 39 percent of the population of Nepal unbanked and 18 percent not using any financial product, Khalti and Ria have made it their mission to empower a nation driven by financial inclusion.

The Khalti Wallet transforms the lives of Nepalis by offering access to finance through a real-time digital solution with widespread national reach, leading it to become a digital leader in the country in just three years, reads a press statement.

A global leader in money transfers, Ria bridges the gap between the physical and digital thanks to its global network of 507,000 Ria locations, offering greater accessibility, security, and flexibility to customers, according to the statement.

Thanks to this partnership with Ria, the Nepali diaspora across the world will benefit from greater convenience to send money home in real-time, while beneficiaries across the country will receive their funds from abroad quickly and securely to one of the most popular mobile wallets in Nepal – the Khalti Digital Wallet, reads the statement.

This alliance means that 1.8 million registered Khalti Wallet users can now reap the benefits of this new initiative in real-time within an ecosystem that is convenient and safe.

According to the World Bank, $8.1 billion in personal remittances were sent to Nepal in 2020 accounting for just over 24 percent of the country’s GDP.