Delta Sales App: An app that supercharges field sales teams

Developed in Nepal, Delta Sales App is vying in the global market to expand its foothold. The company believes that the app is incredibly useful for anyone in the distribution business.

Ekta Golchha, the founder of Delta Tech.

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Kathmandu: Tracking employee performance is a key aspect for any business to succeed. With the advancement of technology, this daunting task has been made easier and more efficient and effective to accomplish, shares Ekta Golchha, the founder of Delta Tech.

Delta Tech is a software development and IT consultancy company based in Biratnagar and is a member company of RK Golchha Group (Golchha Organization). Delta Tech’s core product Delta Sales App is a solution particularly designed to improve the sales team’s performance, added Golchha.

“To maintain high productivity, companies need to use software that is required for their businesses. Our product, Delta Sales App, particularly helps companies who are in the distribution business and have field sales teams that they need to manage. It keeps sales teams more informed about customers and their company’s products & prices, which makes them outperform,” she added.

Delta Sales App is developed in Nepal. The market of the app is, however, not just limited here. “We have customers in many countries across the globe,” Golchha shared. “It is a user-friendly app which works even offline and has been helping in managing the company’s field team in a smart way, saving more than 25-30 percent of their time.”

The app offers a wide range of features. With a complete overview of the employees, their location, attendance, leaves, expenses, targets, along with customer’s geo-location and order punching, it has everything companies need for their teams to excel, she proudly added. “Along with this, the sorted data makes it more efficient as it saves time that would otherwise be wasted on looking for relevant information.”

Live tracking is also a great feature of this app and it allows you to remotely manage a field sales team. 

Delta Sales App is especially helpful when companies have to deal with a huge workforce and both the employee or salesman and the manager/business owner will benefit from it as there is a constant exchange of data between them which will build a solid foundation for communication, the company states.

Live tracking is also a great feature of this app and it allows you to remotely manage a field sales team. This app allows you to get the real-time location of your field salesforce, integrated with Google Maps for your convenience. Salespeople are asked to punch every visit so that the sales manager or executive can track each visit’s time and location.

Having the ability to remotely manage attendance and leave is a great asset for any business, she shared. “The Delta Sales App’s attendance and leave management system makes the process more efficient and convenient for everyone in the company,” said Golchha.

Another fascinating aspect of the app is it keeps track of and manages the expenses of field sales employees more efficiently. It lists, manages and allows approval of expenses all within the same platform. The entire process is made more convenient with the use of the Delta Sales App, according to the company.

There are many more advanced features in this app, which can help in improving the sales team’s performance. The app is very useful if a company is struggling to manage their sales team’s day-to-day activities, she concluded.

Download the app from here.