Nepal Live Today turns two: A note from the publisher

Nepal Live Today is committed to the principle of impartiality. We believe that independent and professional journalism does not take sides of any particular political party, or ideology for the sake of opportunism.

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One year ago this day, Nepal Live Today started its official publication with a clear aim of presenting innovative ideas in terms of reporting, news presentation, information, and views to the audience—at home and abroad— while at the same time also providing guidelines to the state and the government on key issues and thereby contributing to keeping the country’s democracy thriving.  

Nepal Live Today turns two today and our commitment to those values remains unchanged and even stronger. 

The concept of Nepal Live Today emerged in the context of changing political, social, and economic spheres due to the emergence of new technology and the phenomenon of digitalization. We have a feeling that these changes demand even more professional and ethical journalism with deep perspectives, sharp analyses and detailed explanations. The birth of Nepal Live Today was the realization of these changes. 

The first year’s journey, however, was not smooth sailing due to an obvious reason. Right after the inauguration of the publication last year, public mobility had been curtailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. The whole of humanity suffered due to the pandemic. 

We, however, did not stop. We continued asking questions. We tried to hold the authorities accountable. We raised the issues from different angles. During the pandemic, we covered the entire spectrum of issues–from the pandemic and its impacts on the economy to society to politics to geopolitics. 

We explored the Covid warriors and ran their features and we created stories to cover the dedicated efforts made by the Nepali diplomats in foreign capitals and the foreign diplomats based in Kathmandu documenting the contributions they made in securing various kinds of support for the country for the pandemic control. Moreover, we also covered political, social, and economic issues with depth analysis and different perspectives. Our effort to create a positive narrative on social transformation and economic development has been acknowledged by our readers.

As Nepali society remains largely polarized and divided along various types of political ideologies and affiliations, the need for impartial and independent journalism has become even starker. And we remain committed on this front as well. 

Hopefully, things will change in the years ahead, and I believe those changes will lead to a media landscape that is richer and more vibrant than anything we could have dreamt up in ink and paper. 

We will continue to strive for excellence and innovation. We will continue to explore the different possibilities in the vast digital media landscape. We will continue to infuse innovative ways of delivering news, views, and analyses to our audience.  We will continue to search for diverse ways to bring forth pressing issues to the public domain.

We will continue to put our best efforts into making the world of digital journalism a more reliable and virtuous source of information. And we will continue to confess and correct our mistakes, if any,  to keep the public faith in journalism intact.

I would like to congratulate colleagues at Nepal Live Today who have demonstrated professionalism and high ethical standards despite all hardships created by the pandemic. Above all, I would like to convey my best wishes to our valued readers, advertisers, advertising agencies, and well-wishers on the occasion of the first anniversary of Nepal Live Today.

Anil Nyaupane