Social Welfare Council is committed to support nonprofits in delivering impact on the ground: Nepal’s minister pledges 

‘Let’s continue what we are doing together in delivering positive outcomes in the lives of the most vulnerable children and communities in Nepal.’

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Kathmandu: Social Welfare Council, a government body established through Social Welfare Act-1992 to make effective coordination, cooperation, mobilization and promotion of the social organizations and institutions, has approved projects and programs worth more than 75 billion in the current fiscal year. 

Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Uma Regmi who is also chairperson of the council said that the council has approved all projects that were pending for a long time. 

Speaking at an event organized by World Vision International (WVI) Nepal to disseminate its 2021 Annual Progress Report, minister Regmi said that no project should be stalled and unnecessarily delayed. 

Photo: World Vision International Nepal

She further said that the council will go digital in order to carry out activities in a transparent and accountable manner. She further pledged to continue what the government is doing together with INGOs in delivering positive outcomes in the lives of the most vulnerable communities in Nepal.

Appreciating the role of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) in the empowerment of marginalized groups, she underlined the need for more activities in the areas of skill development and income generation.

In the program, WVN Nepal, a child-focused relief, development and advocacy organization, informed that the organization spent USD 13.45 million in 2021 to carry out various activities such as community engagement and sponsorship services, child well-being, child protection, health, nutrition, livelihood and economic development, education and life skills, disaster mitigation among others.