Man suspected of monkeypox confirmed having contracted leprosy

NL Today

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Kathmandu: A man suspected to be infected with monkeypox is confirmed to have contracted leprosy. The person infected with leprosy was confirmed at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Teku during treatment, said Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Sangita Kaushal Mishra.

Eye and ear samples of the individual were tested through slit-skin smear at the National Public Health Laboratory, he said. The 26-year-old Nepali migrant worker, who returned from an overseas job in Dubai, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday on suspicion of contracting monkeypox. The health desk at the Tribhuvan International Airport directly referred him to the hospital upon the suspicion of the infection.

So far, 29 countries are reported to have witnessed monkeypox and over 1,000 have been infected. However, in Nepal, the virus has not been detected, said Dr Mishra.

“The Ministry is aware and alert about the infection that is fast spreading globally. We urge all doctors and health workers to inform about suspicious cases to the concerned authorities at the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under the Ministry,” read a statement issued by the Ministry.