Global IME Bank Chair Dhakal calls on non-resident Nepalis to help averting economic crisis

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Global IME Bank has organized an interaction program in London, the UK calling non-resident Nepalis to open foreign currency accounts in Nepali banks.

In the program organized by the foreign representative office of Global IME Bank Limited in London, information was provided about the facility of opening foreign currency accounts in Nepali banks. Likewise, the bank called on non-resident Nepalis to bring foreign investment to Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, Senior Vice President of Federation of Nepalese Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Global IME Bank, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, urged non-resident Nepalis to open accounts in Nepali banks and to invest in tourism infrastructure and hydropower projects.

He said that all Nepalis should play a role to avert the economic crisis in the country.

Also speaking, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Nepali Embassy in London Roshan Khanal said that the role of non-resident Nepalis is important in saving the economy of the country and in the development of the country.