Disaster risk heightens, 62 deaths in one month

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Since the onset of the monsoon, 62 people have been killed, four people are missing and 90 people have been injured due to monsoon-related disasters such as floods, landslides and lightning.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority and the National Emergency Operation Centre under the Ministry of Home Affairs informed about the statistics.

According to the Centre, one person in Morang, three in Dang, one in Kailali, two in Kavrepalanchowk, one in Udayapur, nine in Palpa were killed due to floods during the period.

Two people are missing due to flood. Five houses were completely damaged. Eleven houses have been partially damaged.  Similarly, 34 people lost their lives due to landslides. According to the Authority’s statistics, two people went missing and 38 people were injured due to landslides.

Likewise, 43 houses have been completely damaged by landslides and 24 houses were partially damaged. Nineteen sheds were damaged and 12 people were injured. Similarly, 11 houses are completely damaged and six houses are partially damaged due to inundation.

According to the Authority, the flood and landslides have caused damage equivalent to eight million and six hundred thousand rupees so far.  According to statistics, 19 people died and 35 people were injured due to lightning.

 “Monsoon-related incidents such as floods, landslides, inundation and lightning are still increasing. We are moving forward by coordinating with the relevant agencies to reduce the damage,” said Dr. Dijan Bhattarai, the spokesperson for the Authority.

 This year, it is estimated that there will be more rain than average and 1.8 million people will be affected by it so it is important to be cautious, he added.

According to him, during this year’s monsoon period, it is estimated that 412 thousand households will be affected by monsoon related disasters.

Sunil Pokharel, the spokesperson of the Department of Meteorology, informed that the risk of flooding will decrease throughout the country from Monday.