Jivesh Jha

“Barefoot Research in Madhesh Province:” A guide to understanding the ground realities of Madhesh

Eight years after the promulgation of the constitution, it is understandable that the people find

If you want to know about cybercrimes read ‘The Art of Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes’

Of late, we live in a digital democracy where people quarrel with bytes instead of

Environmental protection is not only a constitutional goal but also a cultural heritage of Nepal

Einstein has rightly said, “The environment is everything that isn’t me.” Environment is a polycentric

Voice for the voiceless: How the loan sharks fleece the poor in Tarai and what may be done to stop it

The state’s sole business should be to host plans and policies for maximizing the happiness

Wonder how democratic values were consolidated in ancient times? Look back to Vedas and scriptures

The Vedas are the most authentic repository of knowledge to support mankind in every pursuit

Good governance is the need of the hour

The concern of good governance has been under discussion since time immemorial. In Bhagavad Gita,

More than a festival:  Chhath is as much about cleanliness, socialism, equality and fraternity   

As Chhath, the festival of Sun God, for 2022 is approaching, the markets across the

Animal sacrifice during Dashain: Striking a balance between tradition and practice

Millions of Hindus across the world have begun celebrating the Dashain festival which symbolizes the

Constitution Day: Time to deliver on promises rather than celebration

We are marking Constitution Day to mark the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal by

Money lending and mediation: Why reforms are needed

In order to overcome the problems introduced by the litigation process and to speed up

Book Review| Decoding life and works of Mahakavi Vidyapati 

Many authors have written a good deal of literature on Vidyapati, the great poet of

Book Review | The reason to read “The Concept of Judicial Review” by Dr Bhimarjun Acharya

The philosophy of judicial review is rooted in the principle that the constitution is the

Everything you need to know about Nepal’s parliamentary committee practices, from the first parliament to federal parliament

In a democracy, Parliamentary Committees assist the parliament in its functions of deliberations, discussion and

Laws versus realities: Where is Nepal failing in environment protection?

During the official meetings, when I say that I am from Janakpur the first comment