Niyati Shrestha

Navigating Nepal’s federalism, its transition and public perception 

In 2015, Nepal became a federal state with three tiers of government after the promulgation

Why does government often fail to address the problems of urban squatters?

Even though the pile of garbage at Singha Durbar has been removed and the foul

Resistance to land acquisition is posing a challenge to infrastructure projects in Nepal. What can be done?

The promise of development is always a welcome-news, yet it often comes at a cost.

Vertical farming: Why it is relevant for cities like Kathmandu and elsewhere

Time and again, we have seen old pictures of Kathmandu Valley–a clean Bagmati river, large

Seed security: A path to secured agriculture sector in Nepal 

‘Nepal is primarily an agricultural country.’ This statement is not new for us. Thanks to