Rojina Rai

A sitting lawmaker provokes youths to demand dowry. Who will hold him accountable?

Kathmandu: Nepal has outlawed the dowry system years ago. But, rather than discouraging the dowry

Interview | ‘When you ask Israelis to pick a destination, they would choose Nepal’: Hanan Goder, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal

Kathmandu: Nepal-Israel relations date back to 1960. Nepal is the first South Asian country to

Meet the Nepali women leading the way in solid waste management

Kathmandu: All of us in Kathmandu are familiar with garbage being strewn across the streets.

The spirited songstress: Muskan Ranabhat sees music in life and life in music

Kathmandu: Muskan Ranabhat released her first album when she was ten. The album, Baby Muskan,

Thousands of Nepali children are subjected to forced labor with parents out of work due to lockdown

Kathmandu: Namita (name changed) performs a different morning ritual than many other children in Kathmandu.

Sustainable development is the only solution to create a wide-ranging impact on long-term environmental conservation goals

Kathmandu: It was raining heavily the day I interviewed Sanjeevani Yonzan. The rain was triggered

Nagarjun Municipality sets example with well-equipped 270-bed isolation center with oxygen supply

Kathmandu: At a time when many isolation centers across the country are in dilapidated conditions,

An appeal to the global community from New Zealand: Nepal faces a humanitarian crisis – help us help ourselves

Kathmandu: The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has battered Nepal hard. The alarming increase