Fighting injustices: Conversation with a journalist who is known for his tireless efforts to provide justice to his fellows

Govinda Devkota

Kathmandu: Just a few minutes after I started the conversation with Janmadev Jaisi, his phone

Rabi Lamichhane and pandora’s box of Nepali media

Rishi Ram Paudyal

After the former Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Nepal Rabi Lamichhane resigned from

Samantha Power’s upcoming Nepal visit: Let there be some big announcements
Simone Galimberti

Samantha Power, first as a journalist and then as a senior official with the American

Business practices in Nepal: Uncovering human rights concerns
Niyati Adhikari

On January 24, a heart-breaking incident took place in which a young entrepreneur from Ilam,

Commentary | Do we need High Level Political Mechanism at all?
Kishor Dahal

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress General Secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma recently made a satirical comment on CPN-UML

Interview | Election Commission should immediately declare the date for the election of president: Ila Sharma, former Election Commissioner
NL Today

The Election Commission of Nepal has not announced the date of election of the president

Crackdown on Dubai Property Show: A case that exposes Nepal’s massive capital flight situation
Narayan Adhikari

Kathmandu: It has been a matter of speculation that Nepal’s rich is involved in the

A painful case: Prem Prasad Acharya’s suicide exposes ills of private sector business, corrupt political system and indifferent state
NL Today

Kathmandu: The incident took place right in front of the Federal Parliament building of Nepal

Unheard plights of street vendors in Kathmandu
Anjila Shrestha

Picture this. You never got the opportunity to get educated. Your family had to struggle

Interview | If children with disabilities aren’t educated, they won’t be able to fully participate in society: Pauline Nadim Ducos, Regional Director, Humanity & Inclusion
NL Today

Pauline Nadim Ducos is the Regional Program Director of Handicap International- Humanity & Inclusion (HI)’s

State minister for health and population Dr Toshima Karki promises big reforms. Here are her limitations.
NL Today

Kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal expanded his Cabinet on Tuesday, inducting some completely

Tilak Singh Pela: How a singer with deep and soulful voice made a comeback in Nepali music industry
Dhan Bahadur Khadka

Kathmandu: Tilak Singh Pela stands out in terms of his musical journey. Born and raised

Bimala Rai Paudyal: Third female foreign minister of Nepal
NL Today

Kathmandu: Bimala Rai Paudyal has been appointed as the minister of foreign affairs of the

Space of exclusion: No women, no Dalits, no Janajatis in chief ministers of Nepal’s provinces
Dhanu Bishwakarma

Kathmandu: After the provincial assembly elections in November  last year, new provincial assemblies have elected