As you go to vote, take care of your mental health as well

Grishma Paneru

Due to the pandemic and rising prices of fuel and commodities, people are under great

Social security system in Nepal: Protection at what cost?

Prakash Maharjan

Social Security is a protection measure provided to individuals and households guaranteeing access to healthcare

Europe Day 2022: Might does not make right
NL Today

Kathmandu: The EU Ambassador to Nepal and four other ambassadors from the EU member states

The list of wrongdoings by the Deuba government goes long but Kathmandu is fairly quiet
Mahabir Paudyal

In July 2021, as Kathmandu was celebrating the ouster of K P Sharma Oli and

The war in Ukraine could bring economies of poorest countries on brink of catastrophe
Ratnakar Adhikari

We live in an interconnected world where the impact of missile strikes on a Ukrainian

Toxic femininity: What it is, what it is not
Shrutika Raut

With the rise of public discourse about the controversies surrounding Hollywood stars Amber Heard and

Rethinking labor and laborer, employed and unemployed
Ananta Aryal

Normally we assume the wage earner as a ‘laborer’. The wage-earner may be from lower

Game of lies and deceit
Anjila Shrestha

With the local election dates approaching, there has been a simultaneous rise of optimism and

May Day: Let’s acknowledge the contributions of older workers
Sanju Thapa Magar

The number of elderly people is increasing globally as the post-war baby boomers enter their

Tracking the trajectory of 75 years of Nepal-US relations
Mahabir Paudyal

It is now evident that the United States is trying to engage more with Nepal.

Expanding fiscal health space in Nepal
Gauri Pradhan

Health is a fundamental right of people as per the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

How disinformation poses security threat and what Nepal should do
Narayan Adhikari

The internet has become a part and parcel of our lives. Source of various effective

Local Election 2022: Expectation vs reality 
Ayushma Maharjan

With the local elections set for May 13, political parties in Nepal are gearing up

Editorial | Democracy or kakistocracy?
NL Today

Loktantra Diwas [Democracy Day] is being marked across the country today to commemorate the sacrifice