Litigation 2.0: What will happen to cases against PM Oli at the Supreme Court?

Narayan Manandhar

The political ball is now in the Supreme Court. But there is more than one

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Marty Logan

There is no way to sugarcoat this — Nepal is being hammered by Covid-19. Just

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Abdus Miya

A citizen’s right to vote is what keeps any democratic system alive. While the voting

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Govinda Raj Pokharel

The budget for this fiscal year has to be unveiled on May 29. But the

Five lessons our health care system should learn from Covid-19 pandemic
Dr Subash Pyakurel

Adversity and curiosity are said to be the best university. No other phenomenon can guide

Legal deficiencies in Covid response: A case of Nepal and India
Jivesh Jha

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, fundamental rights relating to life, liberty, food, housing and health of

Fellow Nepalis, fear this man called K P Sharma Oli
Mahabir Paudyal

As parliament is no more, elections extremely unlikely, Covid killing us in hundreds every day,

Can elections be a solution to the political deadlock?
Narayan Manandhar

Given the complexity of ongoing political imbroglio, elections have been thought of as a way

What should budget be like in the time of pandemic?
Raju Nepal

The government is constitutionally required to unveil the budget for the coming fiscal year on

Bridging the digital divide in public schools
Dr Manoj Bhattarai

It was exciting for me to return to Nepal, my motherland, after a decade, but

Nepal’s Covid crisis: How Covid-19 crisis unfolded during the month of Baisakh
Satish Raj Pandey and Shashi Dev Shah

The New Year generally brings new hope for everyone. There is an air of optimism when

A curious case of ‘Olification’ of Mahantha Thakur and Rajendra Mahato
Mahabir Paudyal

Thakur and Mahato, opponents of K P Oli since 2015, became his ardent defenders. How

Why Olism needs to be defeated
Narayan Manandhar

With Nepal-Khanal faction of CPN-UML abstaining from voting on confidence motion on May 10, the

Instilling positivity during the pandemic
Deepak Regmi

The situation outside is out of control due to the pandemic. Every mind is full