Towards genuine gender equality in Nepal’s politics

Dipti Ghimire

Differences between men and women have existed forever. Despite living in a time that claims

Climate Change: A looming threat to children’s health

Machane Daniel Issac

As the world grapples with the urgent and far-reaching consequences of climate change, the recently

COP28: Hits and Misses
Bhagirath Yogi

London: Former US Vice President-turned- environmentalist, Al Gore, lamented on Monday that COP28 was going

Restoring mountain ecosystems
Pema Gyamtsho

Mountains are famously cradles of biodiversity –their steep slopes giving rise to a dizzying variety of

An open letter to the king of Bhutan
Ram Karki

Your Majesty, With due respect, on behalf of the Global Campaign for the Release of

Why Rastriya Swatantra Party should shed its ambivalence on federalism
Simone Galimberti

Can it be possible that the party made up by smart people, successful entrepreneurs, practitioners

A look into social security of the government of Nepal
Aarashi Ghimire

From a strictly South Asian perspective, Nepal is the third country to initiate some form

Creativity, the creator economy and TikTok ban
Bimal Pratap Shah

A profound transformation is underway as capitalism shifts away from its conventional industrial model towards

Nepal’s urban development: How to finance urban climate smart investment?
Rudra Prasad Ghimire

Nepal is extremely exposed to natural catastrophes. And as the climate change effect continues, Nepal’s

Long read| Human rights in eastern civilizations: Sanatana Dharma as a way of life
Dr Surya P Subedi

The Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Law or Universal Moral Code) was followed by the Vedic people

Long read| Human rights in eastern civilizations: An overview of historical context
Dr Surya P Subedi

I was pleased that the logo of the G20 Summit Conference that took place recently

Challenges and prospects in sustainable infrastructure development in Nepal
Dr Surya Raj Acharya

Infrastructure is at the core of the economic development agenda in Nepal. From high-level political

Debunking myths: Stone masonry and the truth about earthquake-resistant design
Sushma Arayal and Subash Bhattarai

It has been well observed that lots of the people through different social media platforms

Inclusive democracy, constitution and federalism in Nepal’s context
Dr Ananda Mohan Bhattarai

Let me stress at the outset that inclusion is the signature tone of the Nepali