Over 84 percent of Nepalis connected to internet

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KATHMANDU: If the latest data by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is something to gp by, some 2.5 million Nepalis have access to the internet.

According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)’s data of the past seven months of the current fiscal year, over 254,019 population have access to internet facilities.

Now, internet facility is available for eighty-four percent of the total population.

In the month of mid-January to mid-February, 600,083 new internet users were added than of the previous month

The report was prepared being based on the Population Projection (2011-2030). As per the projection, Nepal’s current population is 29,876,531.

According to NTA, mobile users make up the largest group among internet users. Till the month of mid-January to February, the contribution of mobile internet was 61.47 percent.

Similarly, over 11.3 million population have access to 3G and the highest number of users (8.6 million) are of Nepal Telecom and 2.49 are of Ncell.

More, the number of 4G users has reached 7.92 million and that of the e-video users is 136 thousand. Among the users of 4G, the highest number (4.32 million) is of Ncell. There are 2.54 million 4G users of Nepal Telecom followed by 222 thousand. The contribution of fixed broadband is 21.85 percent: 837 of ADSL and 5.78 million of FTTH internet.