Major hospitals in Valley flouted govt’s policies on COVID-19 treatment: House panel

Lawmakers attend a meeting of Education and Health Committee of the House of Representatives.

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KATHMANDU: A report by a parliamentary sub-committee has found that some major hospitals in Kathmandu had not enforced government’s policies regarding the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

It was revealed by a study by a sub-committee under the Education and Health Committee of the House of Representatives.

According to sub-committee Coordinator Jiwanram Shrestha, although major hospitals in the city dealt with coronavirus cases, they failed to enforce government’s policies.

“Government had formulated certain guidelines and policies related to COVID-19 and its treatment, but policies and guidelines were not implemented appropriately,” Shrestha said, “If the major private hospitals of the Valley failed to abide by the guidelines, there is no need to discuss situation outside the Valley.”

He said that the government should immediately regulate, adjust and fix the rates according to the standard of service delivered by hospitals.

“Not just for COVID-19, it should be applied for all existing diseases and their treatment. And, if the steps are not taken timely, many patients have to die for lack of appropriate treatment,” he added.

Committee member Chitralekha Yadav also added that people visiting government hospitals are losing their lives for a lack of appropriate treatment whereas those getting admitted to private hospitals are dying even after paying a hefty amount for treatment.

She further said the level of trust for public hospitals is decreasing, adding that it was a matter of serious concern.

Likewise, lawmaker Man Bahadur Bishwokarma opined that public and government hospitals should enhance their capacity to overcome the mistrust of people, adding that each hospital should have COVID-19 unit as cases have surged of late.

“As coronavirus cases are increasing, each hospital should have COVID-19 care unit standby,” Bishwokarma stressed, “Establishing such units only at regional and sub-regional levels will not address the problem.”

The report was endorsed by the meeting following the conclusion of discussions.