Bad weather affects domestic flights at TIA

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KATHMANDU: Domestic flights at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) have been affected for the past four days due to bad weather.

However, international flights have been operating smoothly.

Some number of domestic flights to their destinations like from TIA to Pokhara, Janakpur and Simara has been affected as a result of low visibility due to dense smog, including in Kathmandu Valley, said General Manager at the airport Pratap Babu Tiwari.

But night flights have been operating smoothly.

As per the data shared by Tribhuvan International Airport, out of 112 domestic flights of different airlines scheduled on Wednesday, only 95 flights took place.

Twelve flights were canceled and five were merged. A total of 9,824 people traveled by these flights.

Similarly, out of 118 domestic flights scheduled for Tuesday, only 88 flights were made. Likewise, 30 flights were canceled on Monday.

A total of 122 flights were scheduled on the same day where only 91 took place.

Although the weather remained hazy for three days, the sky in Kathmandu is comparatively clear today.

TIA general manager Tiwari said the visibility is also good in the absence of thick haze and the flights were operating regularly.

According to him, flights are operating regularly from airports across the country, except Pokhara. Flights could not be operated to and from Pokhara since the last three days and this has caused inconvenience to the passengers.
Light rainfall forecast

There is partial influence of local wind and the westerly wind in the country at present, in addition to the influence of the low atmospheric low-pressure system that has developed south of Nepal, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Meteorological Forecasting Division said.

The weather is partly cloudy in the hilly region of the country today. There is haze in some places as well.

It is partly to generally cloudy in the hilly region and partly cloudy in the rest of the country. There are chances of light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning in few places of the hilly region in Province 1 and at one or two places of the hilly region of the rest of the provinces towards the afternoon.

Kathmandu Valley recorded a minimum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius and maximum of 28.8 degrees Celsius today, the Division said.