Number of domestic passengers surge amid pandemic

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Kathmandu: The domestic aviation sector is suffering less despite the Covid-19 devastates other sectors.

Analyzing the number of air passengers for March, it can be said domestic carriers are facing comparatively low impacts of the pandemic.

The domestic flights came to halt for six months since March last year. Fortunately, a year later, they seem to be in back in track in terms of passengers.

March witnessed the highest number of air passengers, according to the Tribhuvan International Airport Office.

In March 2019, the total number of domestic air passengers was 2,64,545. In the March 2021, the number surged to 3,46,471. Amid the fear of the pandemic, 7,864 flights were recorded while the number was 8,271 in March 2019.

According to airline operators, the primary reasons behind the increment in the domestic air passengers are convenient and cheap air tickets.

Buddha Air’s Managing Director Birendra Bahadur Shrestha claims the domestic aviation has returned to the normal. He added that the convenient and cheap tickets have minimized the risk.

More than 350 thousand passengers in a month

Domestic air passengers reached 364,471 in March only, with 7,846 flights. The number comprises 173,559 passengers leaving and 172,879 arriving Kathmandu.

Buddha Air has topped the list for carrying the highest number of passengers, after providing its service to 185,155 passengers through 3,221 flights.

Similarly, Yeti Airlines comes second providing service to 87,970 passengers through 1,744 flights. Shree Airlines provided service to 45,249, Saurya Airlines to 8,526 and Nepal Airlines to 2,198 passengers.