Five things school students can do during Dashain vacation

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Kathmandu: Dashain, the biggest festival of the Hindus, is here and everyone must have been excited about it. School-level students, especially, would be very excited about it as they get long holidays and a respite from their studies. This long break from studies is a great opportunity for them to learn new things.

Here are the six things we recommend that you try to utilize this vacation.

Read a non-academic book

Textbooks are not sufficient to enhance your knowledge and skills; you must read non-academic books to broaden your knowledge about society and the workings of the world.

Try to read everything whether it be novels, poems, news, or magazine articles. Some of the free apps where diverse learning materials are available are Aldiko, Oodles E-Book Reader, Wattpad, and others.


You may have a lot of things to express but they might have been bottled up inside you. Writing is one way you can let your thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative, out. But writing does not only help you in expressing things but can also be helpful for your career. Universities across the world examine your writing skills before deciding to enrol you. Writing has not just a therapeutic value but also a pragmatic one.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language opens a trapdoor through which you view the world and cultures with fresh eyes. The more languages you know the more things you will understand. A new language lets you know different perspectives on a single subject matter.

Photography and videography

The advancement in technology has made photography and videography skills very important. Their necessity can be observed everywhere from a family function to official work. There is a great demand for prolific photographers and videographers in the market. If possible, also learn editing skills. You can go through various tutorial channels on YouTube, if you are willing to do it.

Digital marketing

Today, there are only a few businesses that run without digital marketing. Digital marketing has become the most influential way to brand and promote products and services. The tutorials are easily accessible on the internet. If you are career-oriented, then there will be no loss in learning digital marketing skills.