“Beauty pageants are not only about glamor”

Miss Nepal Teen World 2021 Dikshya Risal. Photo: NL Today

NL Today

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Dikshya Risal, who recently bagged the coveted title of Miss Nepal Teen World 2021, has been a very popular name among teens. She is the idol of many aspiring youngsters because of her beauty and intellect.

Risal, who believes in being positive, humble and hardworking, says that every individual is entitled to their own perception regarding the culture of beauty pageants.

Every now and then, mixed opinions are heard in the society about the concept of beauty pageants. But according to Risal, in recent days, most people are becoming supportive towards the idea of beauty contests.   

“I believe many Nepali parents these days have changed their perception towards beauty pageant. It is because they now know that such pageants enhance the skill of contestant and also educate the participants about the different aspect of politics, economics and other important sectors”, says Risal.

A large number of people associate beauty pageants with mere glamour and objectification of women, however, Risal defies such opinions. But she agrees to the fact that a few beauty pageants are being organized just for commercial purposes that doesn’t benefit the contestant in any way.  

“For me, beauty isn’t just your appearance, it is the action a person does, because I believe what you do represents your heart and soul. I believe beauty is all about love, humility, respect and humanity,” says she.  

On the defense of beauty pageants, Risal says that such beauty contests provide an opportunity for contestants and winners to represent their society, culture and nation in the global arena. “In my opinion, nothing makes an individual prouder and more contented than representing their country in an international platform,” shares Risal.  

The Miss Teen believes that a crown holder must possess an ability to bring about positive changes in the society, because it is an identity and also an opportunity that allows you to reach the masses and make your voice heard.

To everyone who aspires to participate in beauty pageants, Risal advises, believe in yourself, be real and pursue your dream with all your heart. “There will always be some people who will try to bring you down, but if you want to reach the top, you just focus on your dream and ignore the negativity,” opines Risal.