“I am a better and confident version of myself”

Mr Teen 2021 Shaswat Oli. Photo: NL Today

NL Today

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Full of positive energy, Shaswat Oli, Mr Teen 2021 says he aims to make the world a better place than it is, and the only way to achieve that is by respecting and loving everyone. “In addition, we all should be fully responsible toward our works and duties,” says he.

According to Oli, participating in the beauty pageants is one of the best things he has ever done, and the pageants have taught him numerous life lessons that will help him achieve his dreams. “The pageant has made me realize about the importance of society, and has also motivated me to serve it. Anyone from anywhere can contribute to the betterment of society, but when you participate in these contests, you get proper guidance and direction at a very early age,” shares Oli.

These beauty pageants and contests open a doorway to many international platforms, and they have played a significant role in promoting our culture and tradition throughout the globe. According to Oli, this is another benefit of the beauty pageants.

Oli says that the beauty pageant is one of the ways in which a person can transform themselves for the better. “These contests play a vital role in transforming a person as they it provides a plethora of knowledge and experience. Similarly, it also gives a chance to interact with various inspiring personalities,” opines he.

According to the young Mr teen, the most important thing the beauty pageant did for him was boost his confidence and make him more expressive. “I was not very much confident about myself before participating in the pageant, that I couldn’t express my feelings easily. But now, it has all changed, and I am a better and confident version of myself,” says Oli confidently.

Oli advises all the interested youngsters to try and participate in such beauty pageants and contests. “Whenever you get an opportunity, do not step back because you might not get the second chance,” concludes Oli.