Publisher’s Note

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There is always a better time to further strengthen journalism in Nepal, not just because the press is integral to the life of democracy but also because it needs to stand vibrant and prepared to withstand all sorts of challenges to democracy.  Nepal Live Today aims to fulfill that role with innovative ideas in terms of reporting, news presentation, information and views to the audience—at home and abroad—providing guidelines to the state and the government on key issues and, of course, contributing to keeping the country’s democracy thriving.

Needless to say, these are the difficult times for the countries and people world over. The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a great threat to public health, economy, and human wellbeing.  As a result, nearly every sector has suffered, and journalism is no exception. On the other hand, reliable journalism has become more relevant than ever because of the pandemic. Media needs to play the role of a genuine watchdog not only to keep an eye on wrongdoings of the public and private sectors but also to communicate the needs of common people to the policy-making agencies and the powers that be. It is precisely because journalism is suffering, more needs to be done to keep this sector vibrant. During the difficult times, more stories of human sufferings and resilience, and strength of social cooperation need to be written and disseminated to the wider public. 

We strive to present consistent, reliable and fact-based news and information through our digital newspaper, Nepal Live Today. While the digital divide is still a matter of concern for all of us, we should also accept the fact that digital news portals have become accessible and reliable sources to know what’s happening in the country and beyond. As such, while we enhance our digital platform, we will also continue lobbying to bridge the gap between the digitally-rich and digitally-poor segments of society. Moreover, the number of English language readers is increasing in Nepal. We strive to cater to the needs of this group of people for whom English is the only or preferred medium of accessing information. Besides, in this digitally interconnected world, it is as much important to know for Nepal what’s happening around the world as for the world to know what’s happening in Nepal. Only fact-based, credible and objective journalism will better serve this purpose.

There are certain non-negotiable and uncompromising norms and values that we hold above all else. These are the fundamental guiding principles of our newsroom.  Democracy is the foremost of such principles. Democracy thrives amid contestations and conversations on key issues, and embracing these two ideas is our commitment. Today marks the Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day), the day that goes down in Nepali history as the day of victory of civil liberties and political rights and celebration of people power. We celebrate and uphold the power of people and respect and value their voice. The reason we have chosen this day to launch Nepal Live Today——is no mere coincidence.

Through our platform, we encourage interaction with people from different walks of life. We expect criticism as much as appreciation. And at no point do we interfere with the editorial independence. As a vibrant and rising media organization, we firmly believe that editorial independence should be respected by the publishers just like freedom of press should be respected by all sectors. We firmly believe that there should be no attempt to curtail freedom of expression and press freedom by any sectors—the state, the government or the political parties.

After all is said and done, it must be acknowledged that we have come thus far after 11 years’ journey of publication of Nepal’s pioneer health specialized magazine, Swasthya Khabar Patrika, and three years of publication of leading news-site Nepal Live Today, our English news portal, will present reports, analysis and commentaries on Nepal’s politics, business,  economy, culture, traditions, science, international relations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), political contestations, issues of women, Madhesis and marginalized communities and many more. Together we will strive to redefine, create a niche and set a benchmark in Nepali journalism. We are confident that we will be able to achieve this goal with continued support of our readers, advertisers, ad agencies and well-wishers. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all on this occasion.

Welcome to Nepal Live Today, Nepal’s comprehensive English language digital newspaper.

Anil Nyaupane