Covid cases hitting grim daily high

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The second wave of coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate in the country in the past few weeks.  

 Till the second week of March, the number of Covid cases was only in two digits, but after India saw a huge surge in daily cases, coronavirus cases in Nepal also spiked. From the third week of March, Nepal recorded more than 100 cases on a daily basis.

By the Nepali New Year, the number Covid cases hit 500 mark.  Till 14th April, there were 4056 active cases across the country. But in the next 12 days, the country saw a five-fold increase in the cases taking the covid positive cases to 19,382 in the country.

As per the Ministry of Health and Population, the number of deaths due to Covid has also increased.  On April 25 alone 28 people succumbed to the deadly virus, while only 14 people had lost life on April 24.  

According to the MoHP, till April 14, there were altogether 3,061 deaths recorded but on April 24 death toll jumped to 3,164.

 Soaring Covid graph of last 13 days

April 14

On April 14, 580 new cases of coronavirus were recorded after 4,289 PCR tests. On this day Covid positive rate was 14 percent.

A total of 254 new cases were detected in Kathmandu Valley — 173 in Kathmandu, 61 in Lalitpur and 20 Bhaktapur. Of them 80 people were treated in ICU and 25 were put on ventilator support. Five lost their lives due to the infection.

April 15

On April 15, in the 4,152 PCR tests, 534 tested positive.

April 16 

On April 16, a total of 6,158 PCR tests were conducted and 836 positive cases were detected. Of them, 348 cases were from Kathmandu Valley — 286 in Kathmandu,  43 in Lalitpur and 19 in Bhaktapur.  The day witnessed four deaths due to the virus.

April 17

Out of 6,004 PCR tests, 843 tested positive and  four persons died.  Similarly, 100 new patients were kept in ICU and 38 were put on ventilator support. In Kathmandu, 35 persons were kept in ICU and 20 were provided treatment on ventilator support.

April 18

On this day, with the second wave spreading rapidly, Nepal saw more than 1,000 cases. A total of 1,096 cases were detected after conducting 5,084 PCR tests and 699 antigen tests.  Of the total infected, 435 were from Kathmandu Valley.  On the following day 116 were admitted to ICU and 46 were put on ventilator. The day saw eight deaths.

 April 19

On April 19, of the 7,748 PCR tests 1,281 were found positive. And four persons lost their life on this day.

April 20

On April 20, 8,055 PCR and 689 antigen tests were conducted and 1,736 tested positive for coronavirus.  On the following day 11 died due to the virus.

April 21

On this day the number of cases crossed the 2,000 figure. A total of 9,647 PCR tests were conducted and 2,351 had tested positive. Of them 1,051 were from Kathmandu valley. The day recorded 11 deaths.  

April 22

On April 22, out of 10,100 PCR and 447 antigen tests, as many as 2,428 tested positive. Kathmandu valley alone saw 382 cases. Five people lost their battle against the virus.

April 23

On April 23, out of 8,798 PCR and 866 antigen tests, 2,559 new cases were detected.  The day recorded five deaths.

April 24

On April 24, of the 7,525 PCR and 1,143 antigen tests 2,619 tested positive and 14 people died.

April 25

On the following day, Nepal recorded the highest number of positive cases after the government lifted all the restrictions. Total of 3,122 new cases were added to the tally after 9,292 PCR and 786 antigen tests.  The day witnessed 28 deaths.

April 26 

On April 26, out of 12,400 PCR and 893 antigen tests 3,442 tested positive, and two deaths were recorded.