Pandemic has helped fast-track development and increase digital connectivity: Saurabh Jyoti

NL Today

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The Covid-19 pandemic has a devastating impact on almost all the sectors. Economy was badly hit and people across the globe lost jobs. Even after a year, many sectors have not shown any signs of recovery. And the chances are high that the businesses that are recovering in the past few months will again have to suffer, this time even worse than before, mainly due to the second wave of the virus. Amidst all this, everyone, including government bodies, is busy calculating the loss caused by the pandemic so far. Director of Jyoti Group Saurabh Jyoti, talks about the positive side of the pandemic and the subsequent restrictions imposed by the governments across the world.

He believes that the lockdowns, in fact, opened the doors of new opportunities for various businesses. “Though it is true that many sectors such as health, education, tourism and infrastructure, among others were hard hit, these sectors at the same time got a chance to rethink their policies, make new strategies and switch to digital mode,” said Jyoti.

He further opined that the pandemic had helped fast-track the development in the country and increased the digital connectivity. Talking about the chances of the government giving some relief to the business houses hit by the pandemic through the new budget, he expressed doubts and criticized the government for its failure in implementation of the budget.  

Meanwhile, taking into account the second wave of Covid-19 and the uncertainties that lie ahead, he urged the government to support the business houses with monetary and physical policies by further restructuring the loans.