Prakash Saput’s new song ‘Mero pani haina ra yo desh’ becoming a voice of voiceless

A screengrab from the song.

Prasun Sangroula

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Kathmandu: At a time when the Nepali Music Industry is desperately looking for meaningful lyrical songs, singer cum songwriter Prakash Saput has come up with a song that has given the industry a much-needed boost.

He has come up with a song loaded with social messages and triggers the feeling of nationality.

The song has been written so beautifully and metaphorically that it addresses the diversity, and aspirations of all the people, including those who have been seen as the voiceless.

The setting of the music video “Mero Pani Haena Ra Yo Desh” depicts a stage of a singing contest where Prakash Saput along with his groups introduce themselves as Anagrik (non-citizens).

Saput got the inspiration from various incidents of injustice that people of various groups and communities of Nepal are facing.

The music video features grievances of people from various groups and communities. The music arrangement comprises cultural diversity as various musical traditional instruments used for the music.
“Mero Pani Haina Ra Yo Desh” is now viral on social media and is trending on YouTube, the song has garnered more than one million views within four days.

Saput had worked on the song “Mero Pani Haina Ra Yo Desh” for the last one and a half years. For this song, Saput got inspiration from various incidents of injustice that people of various groups and communities of Nepal are facing.

“Wherever I go whether it be Himal, Pahad or Terai, I found people suffering from lots of difficulties and concerned authorities were indifferent towards them.

This helped me write and compose the song “Mero Pani Haena Ra yo Desh”, shared Saput. It’s not just a song but also a message to the concerned authorities in regard to the injustice people are facing in the country.

The music video also features writer Amar Neupane, journalist Rishi Dhamala, actor Sarita lamichane and singers Raju pariyar and Devendra Bablu as a guest artists.

As the song has become very popular in social media, Saput has been getting comments from the people of various walks of life. Saput says, people from various sectors are making positive comments on the song, it has really overwhelmed me and encouraged me to come with more songs like this in the days to come.

The song has been written and composed by Saput himself and the music has been arranged by Shyamshwet Rasaily. Credit for the video direction also goes to Saput. ‘Galabandi’ and ‘Phuteka Chura’ were also massive hits of Saput.