Let us survive for now, we will have enough time to enjoy life: Dr Koirala

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Senior heart surgeon Dr Bhagawan Koirala has stressed that the responsibility of people is of utmost importance in breaking the virus chain as we have learned from previous experience that lockdowns inflict more pain.

In an interview with Nepal live Today, Koirala requested everyone to act responsibly and strictly abide by health protocols to break the virus transmission chain.

“The responsibility of people is of utmost importance. There will no need for enforcement in such a case. We were not careful enough to protect ourselves, follow the guidelines, and trust the science. So, it ravaged the community. We learned some lessons from the first wave. We learned that lockdowns were painful,” said Dr Koirala.

Dr Koirala added that controlling people’s movement through other measures is more sustainable than a complete lockdown.

“Lockdown is not going to eradicate the disease. I only have one request- let us be responsible, let us not rush to enjoy or celebrate any festivals or activities and let us survive first and we will have enough time to enjoy the rest of our life afterward. Protect your seniors and those who have chronic diseases.” said Koirala.

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