Only lockdown will not help in breaking virus chain: Public health expert Dixit

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Dr. Samir Mani Dixit, research scientist, social activist and public health expert has emphasized maintaining physical distancing, avoiding large gatherings and strictly adhering to the safety protocols to stop the further spread of coronavirus.

In an interview with Nepal live Today, Dixit said that if every individual would follow these things, the chain of infection will break.

“During the lockdown, the shops will be open for a very short time and people will rush to get their supplies. The virus can spread during that rush too, so that should be minimized. And if you get the opportunity, get yourself vaccinated, whichever the company may be. Do not question the vaccines and do not wonder which one should I get. The vaccine you have access to is the best vaccine,” said Dixit.

He added that lockdown alone will not help in breaking the virus chain.

“I don’t believe that lockdown alone will help in breaking the virus chain. Every individual should wear a mask and distance themselves and follow proper hygiene. The government should ensure that people will follow protocols,” said Dixit.

He stated that government always finds it easier to go for a lockdown as it has failed to strictly enforce health protocols and ensure proper vaccination.

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