Former Queen Komal undergoes plasma therapy; ex-King Gyanendra in stable condition

Former King Gyanendra Shah (R) and former Queen Komal Shah. (Photo: AFP)

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Kathmandu: Former Queen Komal Shah undergoing treatment for Covid-19 is undergoing plasma therapy from Thursday.

Plasma therapy is a medical procedure that uses the blood of a recovered patient to create antibodies on those infected.

Shah, who is undergoing treatment at Norvic International Hospital in the capital, was earlier shifted to the ICU after she had developed respiratory problems and was put under high flow oxygen support.

Former King Gyanendra Shah’s condition is normal and stable and is currently on oxygen support, according to the hospital.

Similarly, the condition of the former princess Prerana Shah Singh is also normal.

The infection was confirmed on former royals on April 20. Former King and Queen had attended Maha Kumbh Mela held in Haridwar, India.