Sanima Bank supports two fellows of Antarikchya Pratisthan Nepal for upcoming project

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Kathmandu: Sanima Bank has supported two fellows of Antarikchya Pratisthan Nepal for an upcoming project to launch the world’s first high-school satellite constellation.

A team of young people led by Dr. Abhas Maskey, who launched Nepal’s first satellite NepaliSat 1 on April 17, 2019, started working on a new project called Dream Project which is the first step towards Vision 2050.

Students from 10 public and private high schools in Nepal will come together to form a team to build NepaliSat-2 Vidhyalaya by 2023.

Antarikchya’s Vision 2050 envisions the launch of the first Nepalese astronaut in space by 2050.

To take the first step in this arduous journey Antarikchya proposes a first-of-its-kind fellowship that provides an opportunity for young Nepali to design. build, test, launch and operate a satellite through the Dream Project in collaboration with government institutions in Nepal (Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) and Thailand (, Institute of Space Technology for Economic Development)

Bank has supported Rs 500,000 to the organization as a gesture to promote science and technology in Nepal.

The check was handed over to the founder of Antarikchya Pratisthan Nepal Dr. Abhas Maskey amidst a program.

CEO of Sanima Bank Bhuvan Dahal expressed his gratitude for being able to support the satellite development project.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, the bank has been providing scholarship programs from outside valley branches and conducting other various programs since its inception.

Sanima Bank has been providing banking services from 86 full-fledged branches 17 extension counters and 96 ATMs in all 7 provinces.