Godrej Viroshield: The technology behind safety during Covid-19

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Kathmandu: It has become more than necessary to stay safe, sanitized, and disinfected during the current spike on COVID-19 cases.

The second wave of COVID-19 has struck the world largest and is rapidly growing in Nepal as well which makes the safety at home, hospitals, banks, and other organizations in operation extremely crucial.

Godrej Viroshield, a technology that provides safety against germs including coronavirus is considered to be effective.

Godrej Viroshield is said to sterilize physical stuff around us while providing more than 99% UV-C disinfection against the Covid-19 virus in just 2-6 minutes.

The items that can be sterilized via Godrej Viroshield include fruits and vegetables, packaged dairy products, packed beverages, packaged food, mobiles and tabs, wallets and purses, gold ornaments, spectacles, keys, currency notes and coins, books, shoes, masks, gloves, thermometer, stationery, baby products toys and a lot more. However few items like medicine, batteries, and power banks should not be kept inside.

Godrej Viroshield is also certified by ICMR Lab and comes with a one-year warranty, the highest number of UV tubes, and reflective interiors in the capacity.