An Australian citizen’s appeal: Nepal has sought help, every country that can should respond

Cathy Bucolo

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Nepal is held so dearly in countless hearts across the entire world.  I am from Australia, and I know many Australians have been to Nepal. More than that, they love Nepal, Nepali people, the Himalayas, the adventure they had there, and the food, just to name a few things.  Many people think they’re going to visit Nepal once, only to find themselves returning again and again. I am one of those people too. Nepal, it seems to stay with you forever.  

But today, in the midst of an ongoing humanitarian crisis, Nepal needs more than our sentimentality, thoughts, and our good wishes. Nepal needs the international community’s immediate and swift action. Nepal has sought help. Every country that can,  should respond.

Australia and other countries have responded to India’s request for oxygen, ventilators, PPE, and other Covid-related essential medical equipment.I am proud of the support offered by our government to India. And now, Nepal needs this too now before it’s too late. 

We have the power to avert the humanitarian crisis that can overwhelm Nepal if we do nothing. 

The statistics of what’s happening in Nepal are well-documented. It’s on the news here in Australia and has hit the media in countries worldwide. But, the things that stay with me and are keeping me up at night and are moving me into action are:

  • Nepal’s daily Covid cases have risen from 47 on March 7 to 9,127 on May 10.
  • The Covid positivity rate—the percentage of people who are tested and are found to be positive—has reached 45% and has risen from 25 percent two weeks ago. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that this has to be at 5 percent to manage a Covid outbreak
  • WHO’s weekly snapshot (April 26, 2021) reported that while India’s Covid incidence was 1200/100,000, Nepal’s is not far behind at 997/100,000, and the cases of Covid the week before had risen by a staggering 137 percent.

Let these statistics move you to urgent action today. Take this data to heart and do something to help.

If you are an average citizen like me, sign a petition, write to your government, and call a politician. Tell them Nepal needs the international community’s support right now. They need urgent life-saving assistance, vaccines, diagnostic tools, oxygen kits, critical care medicines, and equipment sent from your country to Nepal.

We have the power to avert the humanitarian crisis that can overwhelm Nepal if we do nothing. 

Every day more and more Nepali people are dying. The hospitals are full. The oxygen is running out. Prime Minister Oli has let the international community know ‘Nepal is being overwhelmed. We need help.’ If you are a politician or work for the government, or have connections with the government, please, respond to this request urgently. Talk to whomever you need to, sign whatever documents you need to. Ask your staff to prioritize this task. Send the planes now. 

Cathy Bucolo
Melbourne, Australia

(Cathy is an Australian citizen and has visited Nepal nine times since 2000 and has holidayed, trekked, and volunteered in Nepal.)