International Nurses Day: Message of a nurse to her fellow nurses

Photo: Prasuna Kadel

Prasuna Kadel

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Dear nurses,

I know you have been holding your bladder for hours so that you can make sure that your patients are safe. You are wrapped in boiling hot PPEs for tiresome hours and have not received enough salary to pay rent, to survive, and look after your family.

I know you feel exhausted at the end of the day as you don’t get enough breaks. You are taking care of your patients like your own family member or loved ones although you are not well and have a sick child back home.

You are there at the last minutes of their lives holding their hands with wet eyes. This is what makes you unique and precious. That’s why you are a nurse.

Nurses, give yourself a pat on the back for dedicating your life to serve others, for being kind and caring, and for being there for others in the time of need.

Happy International Nurses Day to all the nurses around the world.

At last, let’s remember what our patient said, “I don’t know everyone’s name but you all made me feel that I am in the best place and in safe hands. I felt I will survive again. You all gave me love, care, smiles, and hope that I will see my wife, mother, and my son again. Thank you for everything you do.”

Prasuna Kadel is Critical Care Outreach Nurse Specialist at London Northwest Healthcare NHS Trust