Instilling positivity during the pandemic

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Deepak Regmi

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The situation outside is out of control due to the pandemic. Every mind is full of fear of the attack of the virus through air, land and water. Every single soul is locked inside their habitats. The pandemic that can be seen in the news, media and social sites shows freighting and pathetic situation which brings goosebumps in physical body and dreadful thinking in mind.

Despite this, we have to seek an existence, a meaningful existence. So the situation of being locked inside home can be employed as a time to explore new things rather than be under dismay.

The very common advice from every sphere at the moment is ‘stay strong.’Family members, relatives, seniors, and even the ring tone of mobile phone advise us to be safe by staying inside homes, which is what we do not like to do. But there is no option left. If it is so, why not then accept the allegory of the cave (four walls) by planning and adopting something new and fruitful? We have already suffered the quarantined life during the first wave when we were not even mentally prepared for it. Now somehow we have learned to face it.

The time has isolated all of us from our surrounding but at the same time it has provided us the opportunity to learn the cultural and social values of our own. The rush life outside—going to work, planning for better job, making others happy—had actually torn us from within.The parents were not able to give enough time to their children and the children were also deprived of enough parental care. But now the time and the children are with you. Now is the time when you can sit together, talk, learn and share your own family beliefs, values and lessons with one another. This is an opportunity to recognize our true self.

We often hear that the people in today’s world are morally and humanely washed out. The spirituality that used to protect society has faded with the toil of the people for materialistic gains. That is true. But now the present situation has given us time to prepare ourselves to explore the things from within. Though some of us are doing our official work from home we are not as busy and tired as we used to be during our physical presence at work.

The situation of being locked inside home can be employed as a time to explore new things rather than be under dismay.

This is the time when we can learn a good lesson and differentiate it from what we missed earlier. There are many things that we can learn from some unlearnt, some missed traditions which can provide us strength to stand firm in the days to come.

During the lockdown, we use gadgets to the excess. For sure we do. Talking with the same people inside the home, doing the same thing every day inside the four walls bores us and we want to explore new things in social media sites. If our mind is pressuring us to watch comedy shows, movies, playing games, and making funny videosonly, then it could turn into a bad addiction. It all depends on us. So everyone should be mindful about the limitation of the technological use.

We need to follow the media to know the scenario outside in our society, country and beyond regarding the pandemic. But all the news comes with some devastating and pathetic situation which can instill negativity in our brain. We need to use our analytical mind to find out the positivity in what we are watching. During the time of pandemic, things do not go as planned. Thus it is wise to make plan B and keep thinking that it is not only us who are suffering but the whole world is going through it.

Ultimately it is our psychology which guides, directs and advises us to move in certain direction. We need to keep our psychology positive. For this we need to be mentally surrounded by someone who supports you and provides positive energy. Talk to them on the phone, follow them on social sites and learn something. This could be a great opportunity for you to grow strong mentally with positive vibes. Stay psychologically strong with the positive ideas that blow breeze in your mind and keep you cool.

The pandemic will end soon and life will be structured as usual again. Just imagine yourself grown-up socially, emotionally, spiritually.

Deepak Regmi is an educator.