PM accepts his false claim, without apologizing to people

Covid-19 patients being treated outside a Covid Special Hospital in Dang due to lack of beds. (Photo courtesy: Drona Oli)

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Kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, after making several false claims about the severity of Covid-19, finally ‘accepted’ that his claim of ‘stronger immune systems if Nepalis’ was wrong.

A year ago, he had stated that Nepalis have a stronger immune system to fight the Covid infection. 

Speaking at a meeting of the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC), PM Oli said, “I thought Nepalis have a strong immunity system, so Covid-19 would not spread like this in Nepal. I thought the transmission rate would be low, given the immune system of Nepalis.” He, however, did not apologize to the people for the false claim he made in the past.

It’s too late

It is too late to accept the science. Not only immunity, he used to recommend scientifically unproven remedies such as Gurjo, turmeric and hot water as medicine of Covid-19. Until a month back, the circle of PM Oli used to defend his words. 

Nepal is recording more than 8,000 cases and 100 deaths every day, and his recent statements can be seen as the acceptance that the country has failed to fight the pandemic.

As the government failed to battle the pandemic and bring concrete plans, PM KP Oli seems to have no other option than to accept that he was wrong.

What’s the fuss about Nepali’s immune system?

Last June, PM KP Sharma Oli, in a meeting of the House of Representatives, said that Nepalis have a strong immunity system to fight against Covid-19. Despite opposition lawmakers questioning this baseless claim, the PM did not stop, and said, “Our lifestyle is better, hence we have a strong immunity system.”

Government data tells a different story

 Although PM KP Sharma Oli was always bragging about Nepalis’ immunity system, the government data tells a different story as more than 30 percent of the population have chronic disease. 

The data of Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) shows that 12 percent of the population has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 8.5 percent diabetes, six percent chronic kidney disease, and three percent coronary artery disease.

Fond of lying?

PM KP Oli has always downplayed the pandemic, and has lied about the severity to hide the incompetence of the government.

Even though the country was bearing the brunt of the second wave of the pandemic, the PM in a recent interview with CNN said the Covid-19 situation in Nepal was under control.

Without introducing proper plans to combat the pandemic, PM Oli advised people to consume Gurjo (Giloy), turmeric, and guava leaves water. Likewise, he also said that Covid-19 is like the flu, and if contracted, one should sneeze the virus out.