Nepse hits all-time high of 2,793.89 points

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse)

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Kathmandu: The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index reached an all-time high of 2,793.89 points on Tuesday following an increase of 34.68 points.

Likewise, the Sensitive Index that measures the performance of big companies increased by 4.64 points and closed at 497.22 points.

The stock market also set a record with a daily turnover of over Rs 11 billion. A total of 23,131,615 shares of 215 companies were traded in 115,961 transactions resulting in a total turnover of Rs 11.35 billion.

All sub-indices except manufacturing and production went up today. The hotel and tourism sector sub-index went up the most at 6.15 percent as the finance sub-index increased by 5.86 percent.