Oppo joins HEVC Advance Patent Pool as a licensor

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Oppo has announced that it has become a licensor of the HEVC Advance Patent Pool. With this addition, OPPO’s HEVC/H.265 standard-essential patents are included in the HEVC Advance patent portfolio license, which now totals over 13,700 worldwide patents and counting.

“We are very pleased to join the HEVC Advance Patent Pool as a licensor, which marks the achievement of Oppo’s patent accumulation in video processing fields,” said Adler Feng, Senior Director of Intellectual Property at Oppo, “We are looking forward to cooperating with Access Advance, a licensing platform who shares our focus on balancing the interests of both licensees and licensors, to create a healthy ecological environment for HEVC and future video processing technologies.”

“We welcome OPPO to the HEVC Advance Patent Pool and are very excited that OPPO has chosen to join the HEVC Advance Patent Pool not only as a licensee but now also as a licensor. OPPO’s support is a further testament to the broad market acceptance of our HEVC program by both patent implementers and patent owners,” said Access Advance CEO Peter Moller.

“We look forward to adding OPPO’s valuable expertise and perspective to our ongoing efforts to provide industry-leading patent pools that best meet the needs of all stakeholders and accelerates the adoption of next-generation technologies such as HEVC and soon VVC for the benefit of consumers.”