Septuagenarian man starts commercial dragon fruit farming in Gulmi

Kaurab Khatri

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Gulmi: Setting an example that age is not a factor before determination, a septuagenarian man from Badigad Rural Municipality has started commercial farming of dragon fruits.

Bal Krishna Aryal, 74, of Badigad-5, who is also a social worker, has started farming a new variety of dragon fruit at Musikot Munciaplity-1 in Gulmi.

Aryal said that after retiring from his 37-year long teaching career, he dedicated his life to agriculture after realizing that something new should be done in this field.

Aryal initially invested around Rs 1.1 million for planting 1,060 saplings. He said up to Rs two million would be spent for dragon fruit farming including fencing and irrigation. Aryal said that there is a lot of potential for dragon fruit farming in the hilly areas and it is possible to earn a good income.

Farmer Aryal said that the newly planted sapling will start bearing fruits from next year.